Screen capture and images showing pink

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I have had a few employees at random that report some images showing up as pink. has anyone seen this? It's not all the time, and it is not more than 1 person at a time this happens. Totally at random. 

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Is this happening only on mobile client! And also on same version of client? It corrects itself?

If so its a client issue! Make sure they have the latest version and Please report the problem to Microsoft through the mobile app!

Pff, I have never seen this myself



I know this is an older post, but we are seeing this issue. Was there a resolution found?


@pconwell I will follow up! 

I have been facing this issue for afew days now.Images posted by others are appearing as "Pink Blank Blocks"on few channels.And yes this issue is very rare and not so common.

My daughter is facing this on her MS Teams school Id.I have contacted the school IT team,but uptil now they have not been able to resolve this issue.

Have you been able to resolve this issue.Kindly share.Thanks