Scoped Directory Search requires Information Barrier Segments?

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We'd like to use Scoped directory search in Teams and all the documentation seems to suggest that we can't use just Address Book polices to accomplish this. 
Some confusion is caused because the documentation states that we'll also need to setup "Information Barriers Policies" to segment the users first.  (which also require A5s)
Has anyone used scoped directory search? How did you do it? 
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When I last played with it, it worked just fine with Address Book Policies. I suppose Microsoft will replace those with Information Barriers at some point, but afaik they still dont support Exchange.

@Vasil Michev   Thank you for the reply.  That's how I've always known them to work.  


Microsoft's current documentation states that only information barrier policies are used and seems to suggest that information barrier segments are required.  It's odd.


Teams scoped directory search 

Info barriers does use address book policies under the hood however to set it up it requires you to remove any existing address book policies first @Louis Hubert 

That may be true, but my question is, regarding Scoped Directory search and its requirements.

The documentation now states that you need Information barriers for scoped directory search, which is a change.

I've also found this post from the introduction of Scoped Directory Search. It states that:

You can now leverage Exchange address book policies to create virtual boundaries within your organization and control how users find and communicate with each other in Teams. This is useful if you manage an organization that has multiple entities within a single tenant, or if you manage a school and want to limit chat between faculty and students within the same class or grade.


To use scoped directory search for your organization in Teams, first create address book policies via the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and then enable scoped directory search in Teams via the Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center (Org-wide settings > Teams settings).