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This is two related questions.  I'm a new user...participated quite a bit, new to hosting.


When I schedule a meeting, it is not sending out invites to the group the meeting is scheduled for.  Yet, yesterday, when I held one with one individual from within our group, it sent an invite out to the entire group.  I found the invite in my trash - it never went to my inbox and the team members received it.


Also when I accept an invite to a team meeting, it sends the invite to the trash and I have to go move it back to my inbox to keep the login information. 


Am I missing a setting somewhere for either of these issues...seems to me like it might be related.

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How are you scheduling the invites? If you do it from the Calendar App in Teams and choose the meeting to happen in a channel, Teams members should receive the invite. You as organizer are not going to receive the invite that it's automatically added to your calendar though