Scheduling conflicting meetings from one mailing address

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I have a school that has a centralised email address for each key stage. 

They want to book to Teams meeting at the same time, (for example year 5 meeting 9am year 6 meeting 9am) from the centralised email. 

When the pupils click the link and join the meeting they are randomly entered into one of the meetings and the meeting they were meant to be in. 

The link URL appears the same for both meeting (I assume because it's related to the email address). 

Is there a way around this without setting up new email addresses for each class group?




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You can create several teams meeting from the same account at the same time! They should be separate and have different URL’s! It’s not that students click the wrong link?
Check the URLs and they differ! They are all similar but check the middle where the meeting ID is (after /meetup-join/)

Thanks  @adam deltinger 

I've asked them to check it wasn't something I've come across before.