Scheduled access reviews for guests - require Azure AD P2 or not?

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On Ignite 2021 Microsoft has announced: 

Streamline the experience of managing guest users
Last month, we turned on guest access by default to simplify an inclusive meeting experience. This month, we are adding scheduled access reviews for guests across all Teams and Groups by default. The system will automatically schedule periodic guest access reviews across Teams, delivering better identity security hygiene.


 It is nowhere mentioned is this guest access review that requires Azure AD P2 license for reviewers or this is something completely new that will not requires P2 license?

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so it will require Azure AD P2? because I saw on some blogs it won't require so I am not sure is this the same feature or not.
Here’s another article linking to the above as well

I’m not a ”license person” but it seems as if that’s the case.

@Frane190 Hello again, this was published just recently and I suggest you listen to what's being said in that blog instead of the others you found :) (licensing requirement confirmed).


Access Reviews for guests in all Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups is now in public preview - Microsoft...


Hope that helps with any doubts about the licensing. And as you'll see the scheduling part is just an option within the feature.