Saving to OneDrive and Downloading Transcripts

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In MC222640 it states the roll out of the save to OneDrive and SharePoint feature switch happens on Jan. 11th 2021 unless action is taken otherwise. In MC220987 it states the new Download Transcription feature in the new Meeting center will not roll out until mid-February.


My question is if we switch to saving to ODSP now is there a way to download transcripts from those recordings, or that only available through Stream until the new Transcription features roll out? It would seem odd to lose a feature for a month unless I explicitly act to not roll out a new feature. 

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Hi, I’m afraid there’s a feature gap.

As for your question

Transcript editing is only available for recordings that were saved in Microsoft Stream. If your Teams org has already chosen to save recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint, this option will not yet be available.