Save Teams chat - third party app perhaps?

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I continue to lose chats in Teams.  Skype saved conversations to Outlook.  If Microsoft will not be providing a utility to ensure chats are saved somewhere, is there a third-party application that may be able to archive chats for later access.  Not providing this feature will force me to use email to ensure I have access to previous communications.

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@Doug Griffin Hi, by reading your post I assume that your organization has set up Teams retention policies with deletion of chats after some time. There is no automatic deletion of Team chats as they are saved for compliance reason. Even if you delete chats yourself they will be available using eDiscovery content search.



@ChristianBergstrom If they have set retention policies, this has not been communicated to IT at large.  Also, if they have, the retention policies are not applied uniformly.  I only seem (afaik) to have lost a few chats, most are intact.  But one of those chats contained very important information I needed.  I use Teams to support users.  In Skype, when a conversation was completed, a copy of that specific chat, complete with date, was sent to Outlook.  I could decide to keep or not, and it was easily found through Outlook search.  Now, finding previous conversation history in Teams is extremely cumbersome (pretty much useless for support purposes).  I've seen various ways people are dealing with this and it all seems quite cumbersome and silly (copy/paste, etc).  Even if I had to manually select an option to save the chat, it would make more sense.  I have read the links you provided previously.  Not useful for an end user.  


But, Thanks for your answer.