Save MS Team Meeting Recording to Stream instead of OneDrive/SharePoint

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Hello All - 


With the recent and upcoming changes to MS Teams meeting records going to OneDrive or SharePoint will there be a way to manually move those recordings into Stream or will Stream prevent them from being uploaded?  I am asking because we have a number of teams that conduct training, record the training and add that to a channel in MS Stream.  Wasn't able to track down info pertaining to this scenario any place.  Or if anyone has encountered this so far, what approach was taken?  Thanks!!

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Unless you have enable it, saving recording to OneDrive and SharePoint is an opt-out feature, so the recordings should still go to Stream....we know per public roadmap that Microsoft will set recording option to OneDrive and SharePoint as mandatory, but that's not the situation you have now. By the way, the answer to your question is "Yes", you will have to do that manual move if recording to OneDrive and SharePoint is enabled
Hi - i have an issue along these lines with one of our users....he would make a recording in teams and this would go straight into MicrosoftStream, then something changed (he couldnt say what) but now he gets a one drive link. How do i/he change this back to being imported to Streams...

Thanks very much.
Hello, the Teams meeting recording storage OneDrive and SharePoint will be mandatory for all users this month so there's no going back to the old "classic" Stream storage. You can read about the change here

@ChristianJBergstrom Drat!. That was something that our users really liked - and theres no way of changing it back (or manually adjusting it)?

I'm afraid not. Stream (Classic) is being deprecated and the new Stream (on SharePoint) is the way going forward. There are a lot of advantages by changing the storage locations so I'm sure your users will adapt :)

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks for the link - so, thats not such a bad thing - am i right in saying that the current way our users are seeing this (going to one drive) is only temporary? ie the link you sent me pointed to a sharepoint based way of holding video (almost the same looking as the old streams site)?

The storage for meeting recordings will be OneDrive (for personal meetings) and SharePoint (for channel meetings). Video and audio files will be stored on the SharePoint files platform within Microsoft 365 like all other file types and Stream is on top of that so to speak.