Save Login Credentials for Websites within Teams

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Hello there,


My office is in the process of implementing Teams and I notice that whenever we access a website that requires a log in we are forced to enter our username and password every time we log back onto it through MS Teams. 


In other words, it does not save the login credentials of the website in Teams - is there a fix for this that allows auto sign in on any website added as a tab in Teams?

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I've noticed the same thing.  Our support center would be able to have a tab for Service Now in Teams, but they can't because the browser window apparently closes whenever another tab is activated.

Yeah, the browser tab is very poor experience, they are looking into improving this but no ETA or timeline on fixing it.

@Kelly Silkitis We also have this problem with a tab linked to our DMS and a tab linked to an external extranet - the logins are neither persistent nor the passwords saved.

@Kelly Silkitis Is it fixed? or do you got any work around of it?

This is an insanely important option if the tabs are going to be available in the future. This would further support adoption of the application