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We are organizing a small conference, spanning over 3 days (around 60 members are expected to join) in September which will be a mix of virtual and in-person attendees. It's up to the attendees if they want to attend the conference from the venue or virtually. For the virtual attendees, we plan to give them a Teams Meeting link to join the conference whenever they want. But we are still unsure about this - Can we create one meeting invite that lasts the whole 3 days of the conference ? We want to make it easy for the attendees and have them use the same link (or the same phone number to dial in to the conference) whenever they want to join the conference. The attendees of this conference are not very "tech savvy". If this is possible, then can the organizer end the call at 5pm at the end of the day and then start the call again next day at 9am using this same meeting link ? What is the limit of "inactivity period" ? There is usually a break of 30-60 minutes between events.


Hope someone can answer this question for me.


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You can use the same meeting for 3 days. If I remember correctly the Max inactive period for a meeting is 99 days so you’re good to go here! Although, you can’t really “end” the meeting in between more than remove the participants but they can rejoin anytime.

Another option is creating different meetings and sign up for a url shortener with custom domain service. You can then publish a link that points to one meeting, then day 2 change where it points to (now meeting 2) so basically 1 link which you can change where it points to. has this options


Thanks @adam deltinger !


So, if I went with the first option of using the same link for multiple days,


1) Can anyone else other than the "Organizer" start the meeting ?

2) Is it necessary for the "Organizer" to stay the entire length of the meeting ? Will the meeting "end" once the Organizer leaves ?

3) When people join on the second/third day of the conference using the same link, will they be able to see the conversations that the meeting participants had on the previous days ?


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Hello @sharath1992 


1. Whomever joins first basically starts the meeting

2. The organizer (or anyone) doesn't have to stay the whole time.  The only exception is if someone started a recording - the recording will stop if that person leaves the meeting.

3.  As long as the title of the meeting is the same it will show up in the chat window with the chat history.


Yes, it is so easy with Outlook app. Microsoft teams app scheduler does not have this benefit yet, but outlook do. (Be aware that i have done it all using my laptop, so these process are not applicable for mobile version, plus i have office 365 installed, outlook and teams app logged in with same id, so outlook have that teams app Add ins)

What we need to follow these step

  1. Go to Outlook app, and open calendar there. Select a date, click the date twice to open scheduler.
  2. Give title(as your choice), select date (or dates or can Make recurring, or can leave that part, it will be done by default when using Way 1 and Way 2)
  3. Click "Join Team meeting" add ins there on invite event tab, just click it, it will create a link with hyperlink with blue color named as Join Microsoft Team meeting, Learn more about Teams | Meeting Options, blocked by two lengthy lines

3. So your link is created

From this point you have two way to recreate the even in other day with same link

Way 1: while creating link using Add-ins, you can create an occurrence on meeting days

Way 2: After creating the link, send the schedule. Then go to monthly calendar mode where you can see the previously scheduled meeting. click it once, it will be selected (you can see black boarder around the event details), then hold ctrl and hold click on it and drag to another date, everything will be copied with date modified only.

You are done.

In both way, your meeting link is same.

I have done this several times. 

Hope it will help you

Just to add, the outlook app is desktop app, not the online one
I do the copy of calendar item in Outlook and update it with the date required. So in the end we have previous event with its data, and upcoming event with the same content, recipients, active link, but with updated date.
Hello, intresting scenario:

I did some testing and figured out that via outlook you can apply settings "live" to the meeting.

By default users within my organisation can bypass the lobby - verifyed by a colleague who join the meeting
Then I asked him to leave the meeting and then changed the setting for "who can bypass lobby": to "only me" - when my colleague tryed to join the meeting again he ended up in the lobby.

That could be a way to controll your active houers for the conference and maintain the same link.

Can you do a magic for me put Microsoft teams on my phone please and have a hour of being on it and it goes away