Same meeting with 2 invites

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I have a Daily Stand up meeting for 30 mins covering two projects, 15 mins each.  Circa 7 of the attendees are common to both meetings whilst another 5 are specific to each.  Rather than having to have two separate teams rooms to go into I would like to keep to one room but have the second set of attendee joining the original room after 15 mins based on a separate invite they have but with the same Teams meeting details.  Is this possible? Many thanks Jon

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No, but just create a normal meeting (Not teams meeting) with the correct time of the second meeting and paste the join link there and make it re-occuring.
So obvious to most I am sure. Many thanks Adam
I've tried this approach, but then the streamlined 1-click-join-the-meeting functionality doesn't work from the Outlook event/calendar. Any tips on how to get Outlook to recognize that the event is a joinable Teams meeting? I've tried pasting the link in one or both of the event fields: Location and message body.