Salesforce integration with Teams

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Does anyone have any insights or know if Teams is going to get an updated Salesforce App integration similar to what Slack has now that the new App integrations have been live inside of Teams? 


I have a huge Senior Leadership meeting to discuss Teams with my organization and they seem stuck on the fact that Slack has Salesforce integration, and this could stop my Teams adoption in the organization and end up being forced to use Slack or at least make my case a lot harder for why we need Teams. 


If anyone has gotten any insights or heard any rumors or seen this could be happening, that would be a huge boost to my Teams case with my Sr. Leaders to squash pretty much one of the few things Teams can't do right now. 


P.S. Yeah I know there are a few 3rd party tools, but those aren't exactly cheap, and would require ever more business use cases and other things, althou I'm open to hearing about experiences with those as well. 

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Have you tried Integrating Flow to Microsoft Teams and using Salesforce Connector API from flow? What are specific usecases and integration they are looking for Salesforce within Teams

Stuff similar to SLack, you can do /salesforce term and search salesforce for a contact, and it'll return basic information about that term. It's actually pretty slick and an actual useful integration from what I can tell.

See slash commands.

I mean something like atbot(bizzy) bot might be able to work, but it seems like it would be too much to setup for each team, vs. telling someone hey, add the bot, and go.

Then again you have to pay some money for Bizzy, when Salesforce just works in Slack :P.

@Deleted, did you manage to find any further information on this query - I'm interested in understanding will Teams cleanly integrate with Salesforce too !!

I am able to add SF to my team, however, I can't figure out how to add cases.  Anyone used this?

Hi Christopher,


My company, SalesTim, has built a Microsoft Teams SAAS App, that brings a deep and seamless integration of Salesforce into Microsoft Teams.

With SalesTim, you can manage your entire Teams lifecycle from Salesforce.

Automatically provision teams for accounts, channels for opportunities, custom notifications into channels:


Moreover, any update to accounts, opportunities, contacts, or custom objects, could be reflected into Teams:SalesTimAutomationOptyUpdate.gif



Best of all, people can work on the same documents (with co-authoring), from Teams or Salesforce:docs.png


We have a free offer for MVPs, don't hesitate to contact me directly if you'd like to request a free trial:




I have reached out to Guillaume to request a demo of SalesTim.

However, b/c of strong & growing demand from our Teams Direct Routing customers, I am interested in a summary education of SFDC Teams integration options, MSFT roadmap/support, apps in teams store (pictured below in attachment), etc before I deep dive with specific solution providers. 

Is anyone aware of a whitepaper, blog, or other MSFT authored resource on this topic? 

Thank You

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 09.21.48.png

Hi @gary woods 


We have a ton of resources to help you understand how our vision of collaboration and productivity leveraging any Salesforce data - and when we say any we mean any object is Salesforce. I'll share some of those details below, and please feel free to reach out if you want to discuss further.


|Brandon Oellinfg

Founder and CEO


Thanks Brandon, will you be at Enterprise Connect in Orlando next month? I'd like to discuss this further. Thank you

Hey @gary woods 


We won't be in attendance at the event, but if you'd like to discuss the details in the interim feel free to reach out to me directly or contact our team at





I had tried the 'Microsoft Teams Connector for Salesforce' app on the Microsoft Store to set up my integration.  That's the closest "native" integration I could find. But couldn't get the darn thing to even install. 


So I looked online and found two good alternative tools, basically connectors - and Workato. I went with, found it to be much easier to work with. See if this helps -



A little heads up - As you can see from the attached picture, you can only send a message on MS Teams. But this should be enough for most of the use cases.

Indeed the native integration has a slew of negative reviews so rather than wrestle with a half-baked integraton I'll look for an alternative. Appreciate the heads-up.

Hi @Brandon Oelling after reading how un-ready for prime-time the native salesforce connector is I found Woobot on appexchange, installed it in a sandbox and now just have to convince our network admins it's a worthy add-on for Teams. We're a service-oriented Salesforce customer so messaging about Cases and and Contacts in Team looks like it would resonate with our Team Users.

@robdSounds good. The vendor supplied integrations (as you have seen) may offer some entertainment value, but don’t provide workflow driven - actionable data like


Our no-nonsense pricing is always available here:


Drop our team a line if you have questions:


@briandonforioYep. This is just more tooling/complexity from


We offer a free trial if you'd like to give us a spin:


Drop us a line if you have any questions:


Hello ,

Even my company is also looking for this integration .If anyone has any idea on this please suggest.


Note: If anyone has developed it from scratch other than using third party app available in market.

         Please share it too.We are mostly looking for developeing it from scratch .Just wanted to know          your  experience.

@Brandon Oelling  Hello Brandon,


Have you successfully implemented it in your organization .

I tried using Woobot but I got some error and there customer support team is not responding as well.

If you have nay knowledge on this ,kindly share.




Hi @Preeti_Singh 


Our team has responded to your support requests. If you want to reach out to us again, we can continue to support you there:

Hi @Brandon Oelling I'm very interested in seeing how woobot can tie our work between salesforce and teams together so after starting a trial and encountering the O365 Admin requirement I stood-down subject to speaking with our admins and now despite having uninstalled the partially installed trial whenever I enter a salesforce link I get the following popup.


Anyway to cleanly uninstall woobot? Will this popup effect all users if I move forward? More specifically do all users in our O365 org need to have a seat on woobot and if just a few will opt-in will everyone be getting prompted when entering a salesforce link?