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Has anyone worked with Safe Exam Browser integrated with Teams?

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Hi @pana507

Teams doesn't support the Safe Exam Browser from the perspective it is not an app in the App store. SEB is a kiosk application designed to run on the local machine where its browser typically connects to LMS systems such as Moodle and locks the machine so the student cannot navigate elsewhere during the exam. There is very little on the internet about those who have tried, and whilst SEB does support applications the feedback is that even though Teams has been added to the config file this hasn't worked for all students or it's performance has been patchy

You could always look to raise an enquiry here with Safe Exam Browser as it really SEB which should support Teams from an application perspective

Or open a uservoice for it here

In addition, Microsoft Forms - which is designed and which can be used for exams, does have uservoices open for integration

Would recommend to vote it up as well as chase SEB for an answer if they can officially support Teams.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Thank you very much for your answer.
Could you recommend a proctoring product that integrates 100% with Teams? It does not matter that it is paid

Hi @pana507

AFAIK there isn't one. I am not aware of any. There are uservoices beginning to surface on uservoice like this one

Unfortunately, I don't think something like this exists at this time in terms of 100% integration into Teams itself - but you may want to reach out to some of these

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for the information you have provided me
I will continue looking for a solution, even if it is partial, that gives me a degree of protection against the cheating that students make in the tests.