RSS Feed on Sharepoint created from Teams Subchannel

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Hi all. In native sharepoint, I am able to add an RSS feed to my home pages no problem.


I recently created a Teams subchannel to host posts about a specific client. I then added a SharePoint site linked to that Teams subchannel and have added links to the sharepoint document folder, our salesforce records, account plans, etc. I want to add an RSS feed (Google alert feed to keep an eye on news about that client), but for some reason the RSS feed web part is not available in that sharepoint.


Does anyone know how to add an RSS feed to the home page of a teams subchannel SharePoint?

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Hi @TheJeffMays , I'm not a SharePoint expert, but did you create a new SharePoint site for it? And did you create it as Communication site?

If so, the RSS feed web part isn't available in Communication sites:

SharePoint Online Communication Site RSS Viewer web part not available - Microsoft Community