Routing for PSTN calls - What are the "default inbound call routing settings" (MC708501)

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Hi folks,

With MC708501 MS announced:

End users will now be able to change their external call routing settings directly from the Teams app, allowing them to decide how incoming PSTN calls are routed.

This is controlled by selecting "Let users decide" in TAC (Voice --> Calling Policies --> Edit Calling Policy):

2024-02-07 09_06_56.png

 Microsofts documentation says:


  • For Routing for PSTN calls, you have the following options:

    • Use default settings The call is routed using your default inbound call routing settings. This is the default setting.
    • Use unanswered settings The call is routed according to the unanswered call forwarding settings set for that user.
    • Send to voicemail The call is routed directly to voicemail and isn't shown to the user. If the called user doesn't have voicemail enabled, the call will be disconnected.
    • Let users decide The call is routed as Use default settings.


 I have two questions:

  1. What exactly is meant with "default inbound call routing settings"? Which are those? Where are they defined?
  2. What exactly can the user control when setting to "Let users decide The call is routed as Use default settings."? Isn't this the same as setting it to "User defaul settings"?
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