Route Calls From Teams to Computer & Calls from Phone Number to Desk Phone

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Our office has switched from having a separate Voice-Over-Internet system to a system using MS Teams handling our office phones. Under the old system people calling the office using a cell phone or landline would ring the desktop phone and people making a Teams video call would ring the computer. Under the new system, both types of calls will ring both the computer and the desktop phone.


Is it possible to set up the MS Teams phone system so that it works like the old setup? That is, callers using Teams goes only to the computer and callers from cellphones/landlines goes to the desktop phone?





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Since Microsoft Phone System works with user entity assigned with particular phone number of the user it is not relevant if the call is coming from PSTN caller or Teams user it simply should ring user who is called. And if that user is registered with Teams client and also Teams deskphone you can expect that both of registered devices with called user will simply ring.
Differentiate between Teams call and PSTN call in world of UC does not make too much sense to be honest. If you need to keep number out of the user's PC then (not really cost efficient) you can create new account for deskphone, assigned the phone number to that account. Common Area Phone license would make sense for that.

Hello Dave;

Respectfully, I do think it makes a difference to be able to tell if an incoming call is Teams or PSTN. (Thankyou by the way for the correct acronym - PSTN.) If someone from the office is calling via Teams, then it is most likely, in my line of work, that we will want to share our computer screens - this means a computer monitor and a headset to keep my hands free. I do not find wearing a headset all day a comfortable experience.


On the other hand, if the incoming call is from, say, the doctor, the desktop phone works just as well and furthermore, it is nice to be able to tell that call is from someone outside the office.


At this point, it looks like it is not possible to route one type of call to one device and the PSTN call to the other device - even though at some level the Teams phone system knows the difference between the two types of calls.