Room booking response in the Teams calendar is only in English language

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To be visible in the Teams and Outlook calendar, the "Room" resource is added to a "DistributionGroup" of type "RoomList".


In the Teams calendar, send the meeting room reservation request :


The return message of the booking request is always in English language even the language of the environment is in French :


This problem does not exist when using Outlook for Office 365 and "Room finder".


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@mdgmcdo can you check the language of the mailbox via 


This needs to be done via exchange online powershell. If it is English here, you can change it to the language you need via 


let me know the outcome and if this fixed the issue.


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Mitchell Bakker 

@Mitchell Bakker : Hello, I just tested this solution but unfortunately it does not work:


I updated the "Conference Room A1" with the French language (fr-CA). When I create a reservation of the room "Conference Room A1" with Teams calendar, the return message of the reservation request is still in English language:


The language configured for the entire environment is French Canada.

This issue only exists in the Teams calendar. With the calendar of Outlook for Microsoft 365, everything works well, the return message of the request to book a Room is in French language.

@mdgmcdo could you try to book the room via Teams Web? In Edge, go to 


Is the result the same?

@Mitchell Bakker : Hello, I am currently using Teams (desktop) for Microsoft 365, latest version. I tested with url :  I try to book the room via Teams Web in Edge browser and unfortunately, I get the same result.

I would suggest added this in the feature request portal for visibility to the product group.

Hi @Graham Walsh, I create a service request in the Microsoft 365 admin center for support and here's the response I received:


Description of the problem:
Change the language English to french for the invitation acceptance email sent from the Teams calendar.


Resolution steps:
Following our phone conversation, this is a default behavior and our development team is working on this topic to add more languages.



I do not have a roadmap. I don't know how long it will take to fix the problem.