Rich Files Experience in Teams

Mike Dumka

Hi There, 

I have watched the Ignite video and read the article about the new rich files experience in Teams, you know the one where we can finally use views, column formatting, etc?

Well it was supposed to be out by end of November 2019 and nothing yet. 

Does anyone have any more information?


A tour of new capabilities to modernize your Intranet with SharePoint. Major updates to expand OneDrive sync and sharing capabilities. Deeper integration between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams and enhancements to file collaboration across Office apps. At Microsoft Ignite 2019, this was session ...
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No, it’s coming but exactly when we’ll all see
Obviously they had some kind of issue with it or else we would have it. But no one knows what or when we’ll see it now.

Thanks @adam deltinger and @Chris Webb, that is what I figured but was hoping someone knew a little more ;)! 

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