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I've just finished doing a training for my organization and I'd like to reuse the content, channels, set up, etc. for my next training. Is it possible to remove old members and their activity in the chat pod/the recordings we made of each lesson and then just add new members so I don't have to re create (new team, new channels, add files to channels) everything I've already done?
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@AHannerThis is not possible by design once the Teams Templates release your work will be easy as you could use one template to create teams from that templates with your standards settings.


but for now, the only solution is to create a new team and do everything manually since even if you remove members their post will still remain as each member has to delete their posts, comments, only you as the organizer of the meeting could delete the recording of the meeting, any post you did, and any files if that is yours or from members, you should be able to delete it.