Returning Assignments

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When I press return button on assignments, nothing at all happens and I can’t return my students’ work.
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@sarah80976 I have the same issue. The return button just stopped working.

@Simon975 Managed to find a way around this. Once work is marked, press return then close. Go back to the register list, left click box next to the person's name and then you can press a return1 box at the top right side. Very slow but it works! Good luck!

Thank you!

Does anyone have another answer for this. I am now constantly getting assignments that won't return. I'm using forms. I've tried returning using the check box next to the name and then the return button. I've tried posting from the form (which shows that it already posted even though it won't return). I've tried every way to return the assignments that I can find. I've tried all these ways multiple times. The assingments remain and the assignment itself won't clear because of that. I now have several assignments stuck in my list, which is really frustrating when trying to find assignments I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this only happens when I use forms.