Retrieve Tagged Doc into Teams via chatbot

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Hi! I work in Human Resources and would love a way to tag my Union agreements so I could pull up all relevant ones using a chat bot and have file sent from Sharepoint into my teams chat, or somewhere else you think they should be stored (one drive?)? Often in union meetings I want to be able to instantly pull up an agreement so don’t quite know how to do that. Any direction would be appreciated! For example, type something like “/roomservice” and display all the contracts associated with room service.
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That's a lot of work to just have a slash command for looking up documents. Your best bet would be setting up a document library on SharePoint, perhaps an HR Team, where you store these documents. You can then have a library called Agreements, then in this library have a column for Agreement Type and have a drop down with your different document types.

Then You could have a Tab for easy access in your Team called RoomService Agreements when you click it you get the RoomService documents. Or you could just go to Agreements library, then click the View drop down and have predefined views and or just use column filtering.

Setting up a bot for doing just that will be a whole lot more work and you will be way more limited when you can easily accomplish the same with Doc lib and metadata with no coding and a small bit of planning for your documents.