Restricting Teams meeting recording for attendees

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Currently In Microsoft team whosoever joins the meeting everyone have access to start the recording. My requirement is to restrict the recording for attendees so that any confidential data cannot go out and only the organizer will have the rights to start/stop or assign the rights for recording  the meetings.


Kindly let me know whether this is possible and if yes then what are the steps for the same.


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You can change the meeting options. By default everyone is a presenter and can start the recording. 


More about the meeting options in Teams: Change participant settings for a Teams meeting - Office Support (

Roles during a Teams meeting: Roles in a Teams meeting - Office Support (



Thank you for the link

After doing those changes, if I keep only myself as a presenter and rest as attendees in this case recording can be restricted for them but it will also block them sharing their content and I don't want that. I want sharing content to be enabled for attendees and recording to be blocked. Is this possible ?
You can make the attendee as a presenter on the fly in case they want to present during the particular part of the meeting.
As a Admin, is there any option that we can block the recording feature for externals IDs ?



Is this what you mean? As an admin you can set different policies for different users. Teams cloud meeting recording - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs