Restrict user group from viewing public teams

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My org is in the middle of migrating from Dropbox to SharePoint, with project teams accessing SharePoint primarily via MS Teams. We are making most of our Teams public so that our users can easily discover and use them, however there is a large pool of contractors who have O365 accounts that I would like to restrict from discovering or joining these teams. The main concern is their ability to view files in SharePoint, rather than conversations, etc in Teams.


Is anybody aware of a way in O365 to restrict a specific user group from joining or viewing public Teams or SharePoint sites?

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@adam deltinger they are indeed internal users, so I will have a read through the page you have linked to. Thank you.


While Teams scoped directory search is focused on finding users in Teams and less on access to specific Teams , you may consider exploring SphereShield Ethical wall to enforce a policy as you have required:

@adam deltinger  I have a use case in MS Teams: single tenant but three companies out of the same tenant. They don't want to allow internal users from viewing Team memberships of the guests and which guests are members in that Team. Can you hide just the Guests or is it an all or nothing setting? or do you need to create separate tenants for each company to restrict this?