Restrict new conversations that don't mention anyone

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We are rolling out Microsoft Teams in my organization, and a mistake that I see users make all the time is that they write a new conversation in a channel without @mentionning anyone. As a consequence, nobody gets notified, the message gets no traction and the user is frustrated and less likely to use Teams consistently.


I wish there was a feature in channels to forbid new conversations that don't mention at least one person, but it doesn't seem to exist.


Is there anything that can be done to correct users when they send a new conversation without mentioning anyone? Maybe a bot that would automatically answer to anyone posting without a mention and inviting them to do so?

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re-up, so that people in the US are able to see it

In general, very few messages ever have @ mentions.
People should see that the team has been updated by the team changing color

@puredwige  - your solution will be user education and there's a few ways to tackle this:


  • Educate people to always use mentions (easy to forget)
  • Educate people to turn on notifications for the channels they want to notified about
  • Educate people to see if the channel is in bold for unread messages

Ultimately, it will depend on how much importance any individual in the team puts on the messages in that channel. That's a team culture thing, not necessarily a technology issue.