Restrict meeting chat view for part time attendees

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Scenario: A scheduled meeting between Paul and Mary is being conducted. A question arises that needs input from John so they invite him. Once he responded to the question he leaves the meeting which continues with Paul and Mary. 


Problem: John still has access to the chat so everything Paul and Mary shared in the chat after John left can be seen by him.


Question: How can I prevent John from seeing the chat after he left the meeting?

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@Illuminate I don't think it is possible. Paul and Marry needs to have a separate meeting (perhaps use Meet Now) with John which is actually quick and easy. During the breakout meeting their scheduled meeting will be put on hold.

@Par Linderoth thanks, that is what I was fearing. It would have been good if the chat visibility started and ended as a member enters and exits the meeting. While the solution proposed by you is simple and workable it does rely on a process which, as we know, is something that can be sidestepped unintentionally. 

@Illuminate Yes, getting people to understand the functionality and the processes are always the hardest part. I sometimes compare it to physical meeting rooms with printed papers on the desk and notes on the whiteboard. Each Teams meeting is held in a unique meeting room (one for each meeting) and there is a passphrase to get in. Once someone knows the passphrase they will have access to the meeting room and see all the printed papers and notes on the whiteboard. And there is currently no possibility to change the passphrase.

When you use the term "passphrase", are you referring to something that they actually have to type in to access the meeting? Or are you referring to the link to the Teams meeting, that is included with all Teams meeting invitations?
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@JimBlunt Hello, this is a quite old conversation but I'm replying as I have a solution when it comes to the initial post from @Illuminate but also as new features are being implemented. For the question above you would have to go to the meeting chat top right corner and manually remove that person from the meeting chat.


Now, being rolled out you can instead send the meeting link (user not part of the original invite) to someone and that persons access to meeting chat and content will end when the meeting ends.


'Update to meeting participant's access to meeting chat'

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