Restrict all type of content copy and paste from clipboard/windows 10 in to Microsoft team desktop

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we have already achieved blocking of copying data/chat/file outside MS team (E.g. users cannot copy a chat from MS team in to a word file on local windows 10 laptop/desktop).


But our requirement is to block copy, cut and paste of any data/content in to MS teams  from local windows 10 (we dont want selective block by DLP rules and defined keywords e.g. PCI DSS etc.). Example user should not be able to copy any data from a word file in local machine or any copied content in clipboard and paste it in to MS team.


Please support how we can achieve this, we dont want DLP based data restriction of pasting data in MS teams.Restriction should be a blanket one. Client does not need keyword specific documents/content like credit cards, company name etc to blocked from pasting in MS teams. We want complete block of copy paste and cut functionality for all content whether it is sensitive or non-sensitive.


Please note our above issue is for windows 10 devices laptop and desktop.


Further we have achieved blocking of files sharing as well and restrict copying of data/files outside MS team via session policy and file sharing blocks. Thanks in advance for your support. Your earliest reply will be appreciated as it is an urgent requirement of compliance.

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Hi, please refer to this post -


In short, this functionality is temperamental at best at the moment.

There is a tool named Prevent,
that can be used to solve this issue. They have an option of restricting clipboard operations. And it can be modified based on requirements.