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I work at a school that uses MS teams for both teachers and students, yesterday we had an incident where a student sent a pm to a teacher with not appropriate text. This msg has now been deleted by the student. Is there anyway for us to "undelete" this msg? The computer has been logged out of and turned off since it was deleted, and we can't know for sure which computer it was sent from. 


I found something about the security center, but I do not have the search option there. 



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Hi @k3jLa

Try this using content search

Let me know how you get on. Hope that helps!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I do not have a search option when I follow that guide, I did find it earlier but got stumped at the first part :(

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It should be in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Centre. Login to Admin and under the admin panels select Security and access the Security and Compliance Centre through that

Let me know how it goes. If you are not an admin and don't have access to the Microsoft 365 admin centre, then the solution will be that you will need to raise it to your admin in order to be able to do it. 

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Ok, then I shall Contact our admins and see if they can check for me. Thank you :) 

Hi Chris,

Is the following statement true? (I didn’t find it on a Microsoft webpage, so I want to verify it):

If there is no retention policy defined for private chats, messages deleted by the end-user from a private 1:1 chat are completely deleted within a day or a few days and cannot be found after that via a content/eDiscovery search.

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