Restore a team in Microsoft Teams

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According to this article:


It is possible to restore a deleted Team. However the article states:

Additionally if you have a connected Microsoft Team or Office 365 Connected Yammer group those can be restored as well.


Which sort of sounds like there is an additional action needed but no further explanation.


Does someone has experience with restoring a Team? Will the Team automatically be restored once the connected Office Group is restored?

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Hi Joost,


does it not appear in the recycle bin?

Hi @Deleted,


Thank you for the reply. I guess you are referring to Team files deleted, that are recoverable via the recycle bin? In this case the complete Team is gone (including the Office Group) and needs to be restored. The associated SharePoint site is therefore also not there anymore, so no recycle bin to check.


I am still trying to figure out how the Team got removed in the first place and will need to go through the audit logging for that.


However I need to know how to restore the Team as well. Hopefully it is a simple as restoring the Group and I am looking for someone who has experience with this.

Restoring the Group should restore everything: Related Team, Related Group / Team Site, Related Planners

And I can confirm that restoring a Group also restores the associated Team automatically.

@Joost Koopmans wrote:

And I can confirm that restoring a Group also restores the associated Team automatically.

And all the conversation in the team will be restored too ??

I think it did, but it already some time ago. Luckily we did not have to restore other Teams.

I just blogged about this process of restoring a deleted team in Microsoft Teams, feedback welcome:

@Joost Koopmans 


You can restore any deleted using AzureADPreview Powershell module.


Install AzureADPreview Powershell by running the following command.


Module Installation:

Install-Module AzurePreview


Connecting To Azure:



Finding Deleted Team:



Getting Object ID:

$Objectid = (Get-AzureADMSDeletedGroup -All $True | where {$_.DisplayName -like "Finance"}).ObjectId



Restore-AzureADMSDeletedDirectoryObject -Id $ObjectId


Complete Refference at:

@muhammadfaizan this works thank you!

However it didn't work for me when I used $ObjectId in the restore statement , so instead of using the variable $ObjectId y used the group Id that came up in the console

ObjectId                                                     DisplayName                         Description
--------------------------------------------- --------------------                 -----------
asdh-548-alkjshf-alskjdf-00000000000 Sample deleted Group          Sample deleted Group 
This is how the Restore statement changed for me:
Restore-AzureADMSDeletedDirectoryObject -Id asdh-548-alkjshf-alskjdf-00000000000

@Joost Koopmans  How can I recover a teams message that was deleted for obvious reasons by a colleague.  It seems this other user deleted entire conversations and it's now permanently deleted since it's been over the 30 days.  I was reading it can be recovered for compliance purposes which I believe I will likely need.