Restart Teams when PC is intially offline

Walter Davis
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we run MS Team in our organization and one of the things that really bugs me is how the startup when PC starts is handled. A good example of handle the startup is Skype for business if you do not initially have a network connection or lets say your organization requires you connect over proxy which is initially unavailable when outside the network Skype doesn't care. It keeps checking and once you have a connection you are online. In worse case you just need to hit sign-in. MS Teams on the other hand is completely different. Although I have it launching on startup if it isn't online straight away you get a message that it requires a restart. My request would be to make the teams start on PC handling more in line with how Skype handles start with PC to prevent any kind of manual intervention like a restart if PC is not initially online.



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Best place for this feedback would be hitting the feedback button in Teams which takes you to the Teams uservoice so it can be voted on. You can come back here with a link to garner votes.
Got my vote. App should Be able to handle connectivity disruptions better than it does!
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