Resource for current recommended Windows version and MTR version

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Our organization is manually updating MTR appliances.


Which version of Windows 10 should we be running in order to be fully compatible with the features of MTR version

We have reports in our organization of malfunctions.


In UK region they have 6 units locking up, blue screen on the second front of room display, echo for incoming caller.

In Pune India office locking up with a blank screen, content sharing from HDMI ingress not propogating into the meeting for remote participants.


How can we stay abreast of which are the current recommendations? Is there a Microsoft resource for tracking this?

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Hi @johnwaldron The supported software is listed here When building your own image, you must use Windows 10 Enterprise from the Volume Licensing Center.


As such, Microsoft Teams Rooms devices require Windows 10 version 1709 as the minimum supported version starting May 2019. No new app releases are offered to systems on Windows 10 Versions 1703 or below.


As of Monday, there is a new version available Supports Windows 10 1903.