Resource Account CallerID with ForwardPAI $true




Need enlightenment. 


I enabled some users with EnterpriseVoice without adding OnpremLineURI/LineURI, and assigned them with Resource Account CallerID policy instead, and connect PSTN through DR SBC.  The SBC, AFAIK, must be set ForwardPAI to $false on Teams,  to make Resource Account CallerID works. 


Now, for some reason, I need to set ForwardPAI to $true, which will break calls from users without OnpremLineURI/LineURI. Users with DDI have no calling problem. And we have limited phone number subscription, so some users need to share phone number. 


How do I keep my Resource Account CallerID while retain ForwardPAI $true? 


Thank you in advance




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I see the way in manipulation of the header on SBC for call coming from Teams.
Ah okay. I just want to make sure that I already exhausted all the options from MSTeams side.