Require some feature in teams meeting

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Our church is using Zoom meeting for a lot of group activity,  we also use office 365 to share some documents in group, I'm going to migration all meeting application to teams service, but we require following feature that I didn't understand in my test:

1) the meeting can be start without host join, if it need host join, at least it can allow other people join before host or host setup the schedule

2) the meeting is better a fix URL address without change every time, so we don't need update the address each time

3) it better can promote user became a meeting administrator in a meeting, example someone can have the right to record, someone can mute or unmute another users

Because our group use Zoom some days, hope I can find the solution in Teams service, thank you any suggestion! Be in Peace

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1) that's already doable, you need to adjust the Meeting policy's "Let anonymous people start a meeting" setting. Read here for details:
2) you can schedule a recurring meeting or reuse existing meeting URLs
3) assign the Presenter/co-organizer role to people you want to be able to perform such actions: