Request user permission before adding to a Team (aka Stealth Add Problem)


Do you find yourself included in too many teams? Are you added by people without your awareness?


New UserVoice submission and feature request!

UserVoice: User approval to be added to a team


Users often find themselves included in dozens of teams and overwhelmed by the volume of teams, discussions, and documents. This quickly dilutes the value of the communications and makes it easy to lose track of important collaboration. One of the key drivers of team overload is that users can be added to teams without awareness or approval. This is the "stealth team add problem."


To reduce the risk of overload and mitigate the stealth add problem, we propose a feature that gives users the option to require his or her explicit approval before being included in a team.


<submitted as a user - not on behalf of Microsoft, opinions are my own>

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I dunno, I find it just as easy to leave a team if I get added to one :P. What would really help is being able to just turn off notifications other than personal mentions for each team. Been waiting on that feature forever it seems :).
good point. i prefer the proactive approach rather than reactive, but leaving isn't particularly difficult. as we started adopting Teams, i got added to a TON of them. may have just been the early phase, though.