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When spinning up Teams Voice, is there any way to request a specific phone number? Or are we only able to grab numbers from the pool of numbers presented?



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Unless you already have the number, you only can get what is offered, just like when you get a new cellphone or telephone number.


If you want a specific number, then you can possibly get the telephone company to get it for you and then possibly port it. But in case you didn't know it, you tend to pay a premium for requested numbers. I just saw a lawyer with 222-2222. It wouldn't surprise me if he's paying 10,000 a month, just for the number. 

Hi @JosephMarkovich ,


Once you add (request) new number and you select Country, code ... Microsoft will offer you some numbers. Unfortunately, you can pick, but if you don't like offered numbers, you can re-do the process and it might show up different numbers.


However, you can contact the Microsoft Teams voice support and check with them, I was able to get it in the past - here is: Home  · Phone Number Service Center (


You can also find this while adding new number, right top corner.