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I have created a Project Template in MS Teams, which all my projects will follow.  When I duplicate the template to re-use it, the channels copy across, the tabs/apps copy across but the app content does not.  For instance, in my template I have a Planner app with a long task list which is relevant to every one of my projects. I don't want to have to recreate this list every time.  Same goes for app in my template using Notes, which has prompts for information required - none of this copies across.  How do I rectify this please?

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Yes this is expected! You need to use graph to create to create the templates then for better support to add actual content in tabs!

Planner has a “Copy plan” feature you can use afterwards towards a template plan but that’s a extra step

Hello! There is a good solution on how to create Teams Templates with Apps (such as Planner, Yammer, SharePoint, etc.)

Here, they're describing how to build a Planner with Teams Templates: