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Dear Microsoft Team (especially UX'ers at MS),


may I know why it's almost end of Q2 2021 and replying to a comment is still NOT A FEATURE on desktop app? I see you guys put a lot of effort by offering lots of app integrations, however I found most of them useless and not adding any value. 


PS: Please don't suggest any manual workarounds (i.e. copy/paste message and highlight).


Really appreciate if you guys make "direct reply to message" your top priority, thanks!

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Hi, it has simply not been prioritized due to other features and functionality being more important.

Still, as per the roadmap this is being rolled out soon and you can follow the progress here or in Message center if you have access to that.

Adding the latest news
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Oh, of course.


Such important features like "Together Mode". I can now feel like I am in a physical meeting but I cannot reply to a message. Awesome.




Good one! :) I can't really image that people (actual users) were asking for this.
Hi Cristian,

do you have any updates on this feature? The roadmap says it will be live July 2021
If I am not mistaken it was targeted to be released in June 2021 and then it was delayed to July 2021. Maybe tomorrow they will delay again to August 2021 and so on.

@chor1 Thought you were satisfied here as you marked the above as best response..


I haven't heard anything new I'm afraid. When it comes to why features like together mode has been prioritized perhaps this will help you understand their (Microsoft) approach How to get the most from Together mode - Microsoft Tech Community



As I've foreseen, the "Release" was postponed again, to "August CY2021".


I work for a large financial institution, reply is in the Teams messaging but not the chats which is what 80% of people use. The lack of reply to is literally crippling our organization. This is supposed to be a communication tool and all context is being lost, hundreds of needless separate 'topic' chats are started and it's not performant to switch between chats or teams....this product sucks. 




Not that far away now though. I know they (Microsoft) are working hard on implementing the feature and an update will be posted in the link below when the have some news. Best you can do is to vote on the UV to stay updated when the status changes from "working on it".

The associated roadmap id in case you overlooked it.

The "Release" was postponed again, to "September CY2021".


I don't think we are going to have it this year.

At least in testing internally now. Updated by Teams engineering in the UV link August 24th.
Thanks, @ChristianJBergstrom, just enabled public preview here to finally have this feature!


Reply to specific message has been release in teams.  Great news!!   But one little things, can't do a specific reply when the message is in a channel.


Can't we get that please Microsoft development team :)

omg. Please MS. Surely this is obvious!?