Replace a Teams guest user or let them have them delegated access to another user

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I need to move all Teams data to another tenant. One of the Teams users is a "guest". Systools Teams Migrator cannot copy the data of a guest user because it cannot authenticate the source; the problem is apparently caused by the "Issuer" being an "ExternalAzureAD".


I see three options:

  1. Convert the guest user to a member. I have done that in Azure AD, to no avail.
  2. Change the "ExternalAzureAD" issuer to my AAD. This is apparently not possible.
  3. Create a second user in the source tenant, let this user have full access to the guest user, then delete the guest user. How can I let a Teams user have full/delegated access to another user (not just to the calendar or email, but allow the new user to, for example, post on a Teams channel on behalf of the guest user.

Does anyone have a solution to this?


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Pretty sure you’ll need to look at third-party tools such as ShareGate, Orchestry etc.
Just getting around to clearing my backlog. As Christian suggests the only way to achieve what you need currently is 3rd party tools. There is nothing native.

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