Replace 32bit client with 64 bit client - any benefit in doing this?

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Majority of our users are using 32bit teams on a 64Bit OS, so i have a few questions

1. is there any benefit in upgrading the clients to 64bit (we mainly run office 365 32bit).
2. How can i detect if a version of Teams is 32bit or 64bit?



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64 bit has been the default recommendation from Microsoft for M365 apps for quite some time now.  However, if you have a specific reason or requirement to continue using a 32 bit version, then there is no issue with this at the moment.


To find the version of Teams you are running on your computer, click on your profile image at the top  right of the Teams window, then select About > Version and the version will show at the top of the screen.  If you are running 64 bit, it will show after the version number.


In my case for example, I am currently running Version (64 bit).