Repeater screen for Teams Rooms

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My organisation would like to be able to bring in 2 extra screens for large meetings so that everyone has a clear view of the content being shared.

The best solution we've come up with so far is to join two extra devices into the meeting via the Teams Web-app and set it to full screen, however this isn't the most streamlined solution, and has been prone to issues. 


Other than using a HDMI splitter to literally duplicate the display from the normal screen, can anyone else suggest a better solution? 

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This is a VERY valid question, especially because the current dogma to have one screen for videos and the other for content will go away soon. Which means, there is no easy way to "find" the content on the Teams canvas so to say.
If there is anybody from MSFT reading this, pls do take note.
To answer your question @michael. You might have to do some serious tricks with NDI to get this one solved professionally. Means isolating the content part and being able to route it onto secondary monitors.
If you had a local presenter in the room, how would you do it?
Splitting the HDMI makes sense to me. Different content on different screens doesn't make sense as you still have viewability issues.

Of course having bigger screens may help just as much. But that then questions if it is a broadcast meeting or collaboration. It's hard to draw on a 20 ft screen, but if you need a 20 ft screen, then you probably aren't collaborating
Hi Harald,

Thanks for your response. My wording wasn't great; to clarify, I don't want to have shared content on one screen and video of attendees on another, but rather just an extra screen to show the same as the existing ones.
Wireless HDMI transmitters are looking like the best solution for this as we don't want cables running over the floor if we can help it.

Slightly worrying what you mentioned about the current solution regarding one screen for content and the other for video, as we use this in other rooms at our offices; I hadn't seen any news regarding this. Could you give some more info on this/point me in the right direction?
1. Dont get me started on wireless HDMI. I am old school AudioVideo. If you cant afford running a cable you dont deserve a screen. ;)

2. Take a look out for "MS Teams FRONT ROW layout" or look at my blog at
As stated: Currently there is one content monitor and the other is for people. Looking forward, this will change. Consider the (dual) screen(s) as a virtual canvas, where various bits and pieces can be positioned:
lots of people, content, meeting agenda, chat, spotlighed video, etc..
The easiest is to have people heads being shown on both monitors (like Zoom does for ages).
hope this helps.