Reorganizing TEAMs

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So now that we have been using TEAMs for a bit we want to reorganize how it works.  To keep things a bit more simple and not so many Main pages on our screen we are looking at them becoming a channel (a subgroup) instead of a main TEAM.  The question really is will the email address created with the TEAM still be valid?



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Hi @HBoyko ,


So there is the email associated with the M365 group, which will remain for the duration of that Team and has to be unique. This is not really interacted with as an end user when working from within Teams.




Then there is the randomly generated email for a Channel (not by default but upon request), should you need to be able to email into a Channel. Although better integration is coming in this respect from within Outlook I believe.


So not sure how the need to consolidate Teams into additional channels of another Team, has raised concerns regarding the email address.


Could you explain a bit more please as to the need for the Email to be the same? 


Sorry in advance if I am missing your point.