Renaming Teams Channels

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Hi All,


One of the clients I am providing Teams workshop shared with me that in their organization, they conduct training every quarter for their employees. But what they are doing is they are renaming the channel a new training.

For E.g.


They have Team called ABC Training and they have a channel called Feb 2021 Intake with new employees for this Feb intake.


01 Feb.jpg

In May, they are renaming for May 2021 Intake for newer employees.


02 May.jpg


The issue with this approach is that when they rename channels, their corresponding SharePoint folder specifically for May 2021 folder does not work.

Now, this renaming of channels to SharePoint  is till in Teams User voice.  (Updated 14 Feb 2020)


Question: What is best way to that for each quarterly training?

Does Teams Cloning or Teams Template better way to achieve this?
Please advice 


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Why not create additional channels for the training recurrences?

Thanks a ton for your quick reply @Juan Carlos González Martín 

@Aroh Shukla Hi, glad you got a satisfying reply. Let's hope the "renaming issue" (UserVoice) gets an update from the Teams groups soon. It's been a year since the last one.