Renaming policy packages

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We would like to have the policy packages to have descriptive names that suits our organization. Is it possible to rename the policy packages in the Teams Admin page? 


I've looked into these documentations but maybe I missed it somewhere.


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Afaik you can only "consume" those, they're managed by Microsoft so you cannot rename them.

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@kevsch20 the ability to create custom policy packages is currently in private preview. With custom policy packages you can choose the name, description, and different policies to include in the package.

@Aaron_G Do you have any recent update on this feature. It seems to be very handy one to manage different profiles and assignment. 

Hi @Sneha_Bodade thanks for reaching out! We're working hard to get this feature released and made generally available. I expect it to be ready later this year. 

@Aaron_G thats great... please keep us posted..