Renaming of O365 groups and changing URL of underlying SharePoint site

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Loads of information available on using PowerShell to change email addresses etc. after changing the Name of an Office 365 Group linked to a Microsoft Teams site.


However, i also would like to change the underlying URL without having to delete and recreate the Team / Site.


We created a group called say "Team ABC" but they have now decided this should  be called "Team 123" and a-n-other group of people should be "Team ABC". 


I appreciate one solution would be to create a new group "Team 123" and then move all the content across but I am trying to avoid that as I am not sure how to move the chats across.


The better solution in my mind would be to be able to change the URL of the site (as you can do with a SharePoint site). Why is this not available in Microsoft Teams?

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Hi @Birger Schaathun,


I totally agree that renaming anything should be easy. 


Thinking about renaming a team though, it would mean:

* renaming the team

* renaming the SharePoint site going with it

* renaming the SharePoint url

* renaming an email address

... and probably some more things.


This would be quite annoying for url saved as favourites, email alert that were sent out, and anythign else that may try to connect to a specific url.


So I'm not sure if I would really want this all to be possible. What would the permission level for this rename need to be? An owner of a team? Quite often owners are just the more experienced users, however they might not realise the affects their small change might have.


Like you said it does exist in SharePoint already then why not in teams? My guess is that it is probably still on its way.



@Christophe Fiessinger might be able to give you more detailed information on why the feature is not currently available. Or you can just vote for the feature on UserVoice, where it has been requested several times already:

Well, what SharePoint has taught us for years is that once you create a Site Collection, the Url cannot be changed...basically is in this way by design, so you are not going to be able to change this due to this SPO can change the site name, update site properties...but not change the SPO Url

Yep, changing URLs of Site Collections has not been possible in SharePoint in the past, and continues to be a major limitation. Groups and teams created by non-admins is going to make that even more painful.


Vote for URL changing capability here in these two spots:

So after much back and forth with Microsoft support, they sent me a pilot program they are offering. Has anyone here gone down that path yet? Wondering how the results were? Link to take part in SharePoint Tenant Rename Pilot Program: 
Note from Microsoft "Please note that this is a pilot program and we can’t guarantee any specific features or timelines."


I'm late here, but I will share my recent experience.  I renamed at least three Teams' underlying SharePoint URLs.  For two of them, the files tab broke initially, and then soon were repaired, and I'm assuming the repair was automated since I didn't have to contact anyone and no one contacted me.  It just started working again.  The old URL is still reserved and is used to forward to the new URL when using a browser.


However, one Team (might be an older team) never repaired.  I contacted support and found that they had no tools available to them that I didn't already have.  They made a valiant effort, but right now we've added a new tab that points to the correct location instead of using the "files" tab.  Clearly, there must be some value "behind-the-scenes" that contains the incorrect URL, but I haven't found a way to correct it.


Anyone know how to fix?



You might be right that the age of the team has something to do with the fact that it didn't get fixed automatically. 


But I would hazard a guess that perhaps someone has synchronized data from that SharePoint site down to a local device, and is therefore constantly keeping files open and preventing the update.  If it's a small team and the members easy to identify and work with, then you might see if anyone's doing this and ask them to stop syncing for a 24 hour period.  If it's bigger and you'd like to pursue it further, you could look in the Audit logs for sync activity to try to figure out who might be syncing it.


Even if my guess is right, it's also possible that the automagic fixing would've been done by a timer job that just ran, couldn't do its job, and might not be scheduled to keep trying.  


Oh, one more thing to try just out of curiosity is to hit the "Open in SharePoint" button.  I wonder if that would work or if it would try opening the old URL as the files tab is doing. 

@PaulDiller , did renaming the Sharepoint URL also update the Group URL and email address?



@gharter3 The email definitely did not change.  I hadn't actually looked at it since we weren't using it, but I can see that it matches the old name even now.  Same with the GROUP URL that you've specified.  Both are still using the old name.  In fact, overall, my experience with changing names has been poor.  I've changed three total, and one was a complete failure... for some reason, that Team's files were no longer linked to the SharePoint site (and must have retained URLs that reflected the old name).  I contacted the generally available support, and they tried their best but had no tools to fix what was wrong behind the scenes.  My intention is not to rename any further Teams.