Renaming Call Queue or Auto Attendant

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we created our Teams phone system and gave the auto attendant and Call Queue  technical names (ex: Voice_AA_Ci_IVR ) 
once we are in production i realised that these names who up when users receive calls from either an Auto Attendant or a Queue. 


I tried renaming them but the old name still shows up (its been more than 48 hours) - is there a place where the original name is stored? (cause i realise that each AA has a name, then has a tied in ressource account (also has a name) and then a User with a license (also has a name and email) ... 

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There's a lot of caching happening with Teams, so it's likely just a matter of syncing the changes. Can you see the new names reflected in the admin center/PowerShell?

In Admin Center, Yes. 


I didnt try in Powershell, I set everything up through the GUI. I will check under PS and get back to you.

@Vasil Michev 

So in PS, if i use the command Get-CsCallQueue or Get-CsAutoAttendant the Name property matches the name in the admin center.
but when I receive calls name is the "old" name.

for example :
Original name : CI_MainIVR
New Name : CI_FR_Incoming
under a missed call : "Missed transfer by CI_MainIVR"

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Well, at least we know it's a client-side issue. Try clearing the cache? Or use a private browser session to check the list of missed calls.
Thanks for the lead,
i checked with employees as they didnt get the initials test calls and they were fine. i cleared my Teams cache and now its good!!