Removing the, "Present", button from an MTR Console

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I've been tasked with trying to find a way to edit the available buttons on the MTR consoles that we are in the midst of deploying. The specific ask currently is to remove the, "Present" button. I've checked the XML file and CreateSrsMedia.ps1 script, nothing in either of those. I couldn't find anything on the device that would allow me to edit the screen either. Anyone have any ideas?

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@StephenNawoj why though?


There isn't a way to configure an MTR to hide the button, I would maybe see if disabling screen sharing in a meeting policy has an effect on the room user but I wouldn't be hopeful.



@Steven Collier  From what I understand the, "why", is because, in our conference rooms we will not be having any cables visible on the tables, therefor, if someone wants to share they will have to join the meeting from their device and share that way. The button on the console will then be useless, but our users will almost certainly push it and wonder why they' aren't sharing. We are trying to alleviate that issue.