Removing members from a private Teams channel

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I'm running into an issue when trying to remove a member from a Teams channel.  The parent team is public, which all employees are a member of.  We have another channel within that Team that is private that I (the owner) manually add members to.  I can't remove a member from the private channel.  When I click the X by their name under Members, the screen refreshes instantly and I get an error message that says " We ran into an issue.  Please try again later"  I've logged out of Teams and it's still giving me that error message.

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Hi @P_Hanna,

if possible, try removing the member using the Teams Web app (

This can be an alternative if the issue is specific to the desktop app.

You can also try to clear (delete) Microsoft Teams Dekstop App cache:
Clear Teams cache - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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If you're still unable to remove the user using the desktop/web clients and after clearing your Teams cache (app/browser), then you'll need to reach out to your Teams Admins to manually remove them using the Teams Admin Center.