Removed user from channel, then set up new channel and added that user to the newly created channel.

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Removed a user from a channel, then set up a new channel and added that user to the newly created channel.


The problem is that the user is not able to login. When he tries to sign in, the message says 



So I head over to Microsoft Teams admin center to see if I can fix this. 


When I go to 'Teams' > 'Manage Teams' and to the relevant channel, I can see his name listed there, shown as a member.




Then when I click into his name from that same page, I am taken to the 'Users' tab on the menu left, and a message pops up saying "That user can't be found"




There should be a third user listed on this page, but there is not.


And when I go to the Microsoft 365 admin center, he is still there.




I am stuck and would appreciate it if someone could help.


Thank you.

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Seems like that user doesn’t have a teams and Skype online license. Check there first.

Thanks Chris, he has Office 365 Business Premium subscription.


His access to MS Teams was fine until I removed him from a channel.


@mikesyoon Break out the business premium and make sure Skype Online and Teams are both checked, that's the only thing that would remove them from your user list, removing from a channel shouldn't (not that there couldn't be a bug). 


If they are licensed, you could always try to remove the license, wait 10 minutes or so, then apply back, to see if they get re provisioned back into the user list. 


@Chris Webb Great. Looks like that has fixed the issue. Thanks very much :) 


It may well be a bug, because I never unticked the box next to those products.