Removed guest from Teams but guest still able to see the Organization

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I had added guest to a team and have removed the guest from the team.

But the Guest is still able to see the organization on the Teams App(Desktop/Online).

Even on my , the organization is not showing but it is present in the teams app.

Kindle help to resolve.

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My experience is that it can take a whole before the Teams app "catches up", often due to locally cached content. You may want to clear the local Teams cache from %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, which should force Teams to retrieve all details again from the cloud. You can often validate such cache issues by checking the web version of Teams to verify if it has the same issue as the local client, and I expect that this user will not see the organization when visiting

Hello, you can either remove the guest from team/teams or completely in Azure AD (remove from your org.). The latter will take some time to synchronize though and bear in mind that Azure AD has a recycle bin too if you'd like to permanently remove at once. 24 hours will be the default removal time for that, but the change will also need to be synchronized when completed. You can always use Teams on the web with InPrivate session to verify when the removal is completed. If the org. is still visible in the Teams desktop client then a simple sign out / sign in should do the trick as cache and settings are being refreshed.


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