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I have tried to add new tabs within several channel, but every time I do so, it opens a chat box to the right that takes up a quarter of my screen. No way of removing it, I've tried restarting Teams and even my computer but nothing works. It doesn't even resize the tab (I've tried with Outlook and Tasks) so it just covers parts of my screen. It's frustrating because it makes that tab basically useless since I can't access 1/4 of the screen underneath this **bleep** chat.


This chat box thing is not there in the already present tabs, nor do I see it appear when I watch tutorials on how to add tabs. I've tried deleting said chat in the channel but nothing is in there either.


See the chat to the rightSee the chat to the right


Does anyone know why the hell this thing pops up, and how do I remove it?


Thank you!

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Hi @mj1250 


These are called conversational tabs


Create conversational tabs - Teams | Microsoft Docs


They are typically created when tabs are created and posted in the channel such as the Tasks Tab and Excel Tab, where others comment on them. Not all tabs in Teams are conversational. From testing this afternoon they look to be persistent when moving across tabs, even across channels so if conversational tabs are open and you move to another tab which has it, the flyout remains open and just switches to another conversation.


To close it simply hit the speech bubble above it and it should disappear, and again this is persistent so it should turn off the experience across all channels and remain that way until you turn it on again or it's triggered by creating a tab. 




AFAIK, there is no way to disable them, since what you put in the side chat (conversational tab) goes back into the main channel, but you should be able to stop conversations in these places by adding channel moderation so users cannot post in that channel. 


If disabling conversational tabs is something you would like to see I would recommend opening a feedback at


Hope that helps and answers your question


Best, Chris