Remove redirection login teams to an STS

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Hi all,

 I recently stopped working for a company where I used Teams. I have now a new own O365 E5 licenses active but when I try to start teams my login is getting redirected to the STS page of the previous company I worked for, how can I remove this redirection?

 I have no problem to login the Office 365 starting page

 Any help is welcome

 Thanks, in advanced.

 RGDS Eric


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I assume you already tried logging out of the client, so if that didn't help you have to delete all the stored Teams entries under Credentials manager. If that doesn't help either, delete all content from the AppData directories for Teams, apart from the actual client.

Have you tried to uninstall the App and Install it but from the Web App?



Thanks for the answer.


local installed teams is working OK, only the HTML version has this problem.

allready logged of and on again.

I have allredy removed all entries in the credential manager (VAULT) 

I will see is i can find some entrieas in my appData fodler.





local installed app is working OK, trouble is the webclient.



For the webclient, clear the browser cache/cookies or simply try a Private session.

All, I have removed and recreated my profile and now all is ok.



Hi @Vasil Michev


I'm a +1 for this problem.


Used to work for a 365 organisation, now work for a different 365 organisation, have my own 365 subscription too.  Throughout the above I've used a Surface Pro, so accounts are interweaved there too.  Very wary of deleting the wrong profile/data.


I've deleted all of the web credentials for my old organisation in the Windows credentials manager (Start > search "Credentials" > Credentials Manager - pick and Remove obviously 'old org' credentials.  Can't see anything keyed on "Teams"). 


I use both Chrome and Edge.  I've deleted all cookies in Chrome for old organisation.  Can't find anything in Edge to delete.


The thick-client app on my Surface works fine - new organisation, it's the web client which always goes to old organisation.   when I'm on the Office 365 "Home" for my new organisation all of the 365 apps seem to work ok in browser, except Teams which keeps redirecting me to the STS login page for old organisation.  


Can you give any specific guidance on where else to look/what else to clean up?


Thanks in advance - John

I'm probably a couple years late to the party on this but ran into this same problem today and it was pissing me off a lot - finally solved it. cookies need to be cleared, but you can't do it easily in chrome dev tools because it redirects you from to whatever your federated identity provider is.  In Chrome went to Settings (three dots), in Privacy and security section expand "Site Settings", expand "View permissions and data stored across sites", search for Teams, expand "", find and expand ""  I had either 9 or 10 cookies for this site.  Click Clear data button.


Now when I go to I'm no longer redirected and have the option to choose my identity provider.

@rsmith2255  I registered to this community, only to reply and say THANK YOU!


*u da goat*


@rsmith2255 thank you! Been having a nightmare with this and your method worked perfectly in a couple of minutes. I'm very grateful :)

This worked. Thank you!

This worked for me, thank you @rsmith2255 

Thank you so much for this - saved my sanity - not even the IT guys knew how to solve this one!

Also late into the party, but for others using the Edge browser in 2021, I had a hard time to find a solution. Finally I found that under Cookies and Site data I could search for microsoft and then remove the cookies for teams. It worked!


@Eric Bridié